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Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder made in China

As you know, China’s combination of market demand, manufacturing capabilities, and export-oriented approach has led to many steel gas cylinder manufacturers within its borders.

Chinese leadership mandated a major increase in steel production in late 1957 and early 1958.  These efforts included major investments in large-scale steel manufacturing as well as the reorganization of urban labour in an effort to produce steel at other scales.

Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

What are gas cylinders made of?

The Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder are all made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, consistent height, smooth painting, and excellent properties, which are widely used for steel cutting, welding, electronic, medical and other fields.
and they are supposed to be used repeatedly for keeping argon which is mainly used for steel cutting, welding, electronics, medical and so on.
Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder
Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

Type Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder Outside diameter 89-267mm
Water capacity 2-80L Height 430-1815mm
Working pressure Working pressure With Cap Height 490-1900mm
Test pressure 250-450Bar Weight 3.4-80kg
Design wall thickness 1.9-6.0mm Material 37Mn 34CrMo4
Storage gas 0.3-15M3
Color Green, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, as Requested/as per your requested
Filling medium Air, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, spacial gas and mixed gas
Packing 1. bulk loading; 2. packed in a plastic woven net; 3. packed in wooden pallets; 4. as required.
About DSW As a China Gas Cylinder manufacturer, DSW offers Oxygen Gas Cylinders, Nitrogen Gas Cylinders, Argon Gas Cylinders, CO2 Gas Cylinders, Hydrogen Gas Cylinders, Helium Gas Cylinders, Acetylene gas cylinders, CO2 Cartridges and Aluminum Cylinder … CE/TUV certified.

Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder
Seamless steel gas cylinders find applications in various industries due to their ability to store gases at high pressure. These cylinders are typically made from high-strength alloy steel and designed to withstand extreme conditions.
Here are some common applications:
1.Industrial Gases:
Used for storing and transporting gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.
Industries: manufacturing, healthcare, welding, food and beverage, electronics, and chemical processing.

2.Scuba Diving and Underwater Breathing:
In recreational and professional scuba diving, seamless steel cylinders store compressed air or specialized gas mixtures (e.g., nitrox or trimix) for divers exploring underwater environments。

Some cylinders are specifically designed for firefighting applications.

Used for medical oxygen, anesthesia gases, and other healthcare applications.

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