DSW gas supply options meet every imaginable demand for gas delivery, storage, and supply – from constructing on-site plants to providing even the most miniature portable bottle with gas.
Requirements for gas delivery and storage may differ based on the gas’s consumption rate, purity, application, and suitability.

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Frequently asked questions

How many oxygen cylinders do you produce everyday?

Our capacity for gas cylinders is about 3000 pcs /each day.

Can you provide sample?

Yes, we can provide you free sample, but Freight to collect.

Can you use our brand?

Yes, OEM is available. Please send me your brand certificate.

What is the manufacturing standard?

We produce seamless steel gas cylinders according to ISO9809-1/ISO9809-3/GB/T5099 standards according to customer’s requirements.

Can you supply TPED certificate for IS9809 standard cylinders?

Yes, we can supply π certificates if the customer requires them.

What is the delivery time?

Generally, we supply the goods within 35 days after receipt of the deposit.

What is your tems of payment?

We accept T/T, 30% deposit, and balance against copy BL or irrevocable L/C and D/P at sight.


Frequently asked questions

Entire Production Line Installation

We offer gas cylinders with gases and cryogenic equipment that assist you in installing your facility, such as Gas Filling Station (LNG) and N2O Factory.

How much pressure is in a cylinder?

150bar is commonly used; we can offer the pressure of 200bar,250bar,300bar, and 350bar.

What is medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is generated with purity up to 99.7% and meets the criteria of European & Indian Pharmacopeia. It also meets identification specifications, odor, CO2 not more than 0.03%, and CO not more than 0.001% in gas.

What is liquid oxygen?

Liquid oxygen (LOX) is a cryogenic liquid having a freezing point of (−182.96 °C) and a boiling point of (−182.96 °C at 101.325 kPa. It has an expansion ratio of 1:861 under one standard atmosphere (100 kPa) and 20 °C. In other words, one liter of liquid oxygen can make 861 liters of gaseous oxygen.

How liquid oxygen is produced?

Liquid oxygen is produced by the liquefaction of atmospheric air and the separation of oxygen from other gases such as nitrogen, argon, and other rare elements.

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