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What are Cryogenic Storage Tanks?

Cryogenic pressure vessels, storage tanks, cryo-tanks, and storage dewars all describe various containers that hold liquid such as oxygen, nitrogen, or LNG. All of these tanks, in their most basic form, hold cryogens.
What’s a cryogen? They are liquefied gases that are at extremely cold temps (often -238° F and below). These tanks keep the cryogens at the correct temp and pressure for storage, use, and transport.
They often times feature vacuum jackets for insulation, all depending on the specific type of vessel and it’s use.
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…“heat being absorbed from ambient air by refrigerated Cryogenic storage tanks, heat absorbed from ambient air by lines, heat produced by the operation of pumps, vapor displacement due to liquid inlet in the tank, and rapid variation of barometric pressure.”

What are Cryogenic Storage Tanks?

Cryogenic Storage Tanks have three basic components:

Inner TankCryogenic Storage Tanks
Inner tank and pipes made of stainless steel to ensure high quality cleaning and with suitable strength properties when exposed to cryogenic temperatures.

Outer Vessel (Jacket)Cryogenic Storage Tanks
An outer container made of carbon steel maintains the insulation and vacuum around the inner tank under normal operating conditions. Typically, the outer container is not exposed to cryogenic temperatures.

InsulationCryogenic Storage Tanks
The space between the inner tank and the outer container is filled with perlite, which has the ability to maintain cryogenic temperature, and is subjected to high vacuum treatment. The vacuum and insulating material help reduce heat transfer, thereby reducing boiling of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, or liquid argon stored in the container.

The maximum working pressure of cryogenic liquefied gas storage tanks ranges from 2 to 37 bar, depending on where the tank is to be used. It can be designed vertically or horizontally according to customer demand.
During the manufacturing phase of cryogenic tanks, the tests and inspections required by the standards are carried out by third-party organizations and all tanks are certified and presented to our customers with CE and Pi marks.

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