CNG Cylinder Manufacturers & Suppliers

CNG Cylinder Manufacturers & Suppliers

What is a CNG Cylinder?

A CNG cylinder is a container used to store compressed natural gas (CNG) at a working pressure of 200 bar.
The cylinder is made of a special steel alloy or composite material and is constructed seamlessly. It is fitted with a shut-off valve and a safety burst disc.

CNG cylinders are classified into four categories based on their construction and materials.

The first category is CNG-1 cylinders made of steel or aluminium alloy. These cylinders have a seamless construction and are designed to withstand high pressures. They are commonly used for storing compressed natural gas.
The second category is CNG-2 cylinders, which are composite gas cylinders. These cylinders have a steel or aluminium liner and a cylinder body reinforced with “hoop winding” resin-impregnated long fibres. The composite construction provides strength and durability while reducing the overall weight of the cylinder.

It is important to note that composite cylinders have gained popularity due to their lighter weight than traditional metal cylinders. Composite materials offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
CNG-1 and CNG-2 cylinders are designed to meet safety standards and regulations to ensure the safe storage and transportation of compressed natural gas. They are equipped with shut-off valves and safety burst discs to prevent overpressure situations and ensure the safe release of gas if necessary.
CNG cylinders play a significant role in adopting natural gas as a fuel source for various vehicles, including auto-rickshaws, pickup trucks, buses, and trains. The use of CNG offers environmental benefits and cost savings, making it an attractive alternative to traditional fuels.

CNG Cylinder Manufacturers & Suppliers

In summary, CNG cylinders are containers used to store compressed natural gas at high pressures. They are available in different categories, including steel or aluminium alloy cylinders (CNG-1) and composite cylinders (CNG-2) with reinforced resin-impregnated fibres. These cylinders comply with safety standards and are crucial for using natural gas as a fuel.

CNG Cylinder Manufacturers & Suppliers

There are several well-known and reputable manufacturers of CNG cylinders worldwide.
Some prominent companies in the field include Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Worthington Industries, Hexagon Composites, Faber Industrie, Time Technoplast, and Quantum Fuel Systems.

  1. Luxfer Gas Cylinders: Luxfer is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-pressure gas cylinders. They produce various cylinders, including CNG cylinders, from lightweight aluminium alloys. Luxfer is known for its advanced engineering and innovative solutions for multiple industries, including automotive and alternative fuels.
  2. Worthington Industries: Worthington Industries is a diversified industrial company that operates in several sectors, including pressure cylinders. It has a significant presence in the CNG cylinder market and offers a range of high-quality cylinders for different applications. Worthington Industries has expertise in manufacturing steel and composite CNG cylinders.
  3. Hexagon Composites: Hexagon Composites is a global leader in developing and producing composite pressure cylinders. It offers a wide range of lightweight and high-pressure composite cylinders, including those used for CNG storage. Hexagon Composites focuses on providing innovative solutions for the energy storage and transportation sectors.
  4. Faber Industrie: Faber Industrie is an Italian company specializing in producing high-pressure gas cylinders. It has a strong presence in the CNG cylinder market and offers a comprehensive range of cylinders for various applications, including CNG vehicles. Faber Industrie is known for its advanced manufacturing processes and commitment to quality.
  5. Quantum Fuel Systems: Quantum Fuel Systems, a subsidiary of Agility Fuel Solutions, specializes in the design, engineering, and production of advanced fuel storage systems, including CNG cylinders. They offer a range of lightweight composite cylinders for various applications, including CNG vehicles. Quantum Fuel Systems is recognized for its technological advancements in fuel storage and delivery systems.


As one of the Chinese CNG cylinder manufacturers, DSW is known for producing CNG fibreglass gas cylinders and CNG car composite material gas cylinders at competitive prices. It’s worth noting that China has a significant presence in the manufacturing of CNG cylinders.

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