horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank

Cryo Tanks

Cryogenic vessels come in various configurations;
one joint arrangement features double-walled cylindrical tanks made of carbon steel with stainless steel interior tanks.
Insulation material fills these outer tanks.
Some of the standard shapes for a cryogenic vessel include:
Laboratory jars
Cryogenic vessels
Cryogenic tanks
Flat-bottom cryogenic tanks
Cryogenic semitrailers
ISO containers for cryogenics
Pressurized cryogenic storage tanks

LO2 LN2 LAr Cryogenic Tank

Founded in 2004, DSW is one of China’s most professional cryogenic tank suppliers, offering high quality at competitive prices.
Our main products are cryogenic liquid storage tanks, large flat cryogenic liquid storage tanks, cryogenic liquid pumps, and air vaporizers.
Cryogenic tanks store liquefied gases, known as cryogenic liquids, which are typically maintained at temperatures of -150 °C or colder.
These tanks commonly contain gases such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium.


1. DSW supplies liquid oxygen tanks, lar cryogenic tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks, liquid nitrogen oxide, liquid carbon dioxide, and LNG tanks.
2. Tank capacity range: 2M3~350M3.
3. Cryo Tank pressure: 8bar, 16bar or based on user requirement.
4. International Certificates: GB, ASME, CE
5. Type: Vertical Cryogenic Tanks and Horizontal Cryogenic Tanks
6. Insulating mode: vacuum perlite powder and super vacuum multi-layer

We use a new material, strong stainless steel, to reduce the self-weight of the tank and raise its efficiency;
DSW provides non-standard size design services for clients.
Our tanks are used in gas, chemical, machinery, metallurgy, medical, nuclear power, and other industries.

horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank
horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank
horizontal LO2 LN2 LAr cryogenic tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank LOX storage tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank LOX storage tank
Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank LOX storage tank

Features of Cryo Tank

Inner vessel – stainless steel for cryogenic temperature with optimized design for lightweight
Outer Jacket – carbon steel exterior with a combined leg and lifting lug system designed for safe transport, easy lifting, and low-cost erection
Insulation – a proven high-quality vacuum-super insulation system ensures long-term vacuum performance, backed by a year’s warranty on vacuum integrity.
Piping – stainless steel piping for reliability and durability; ergonomically designed layout without flow diagram and gauges at eye level
Valves (Cryogenic Tank)– modular configuration bronze valves with welded-on connections (other valves, such as stainless steel and screw-on connections are optional)
Pressure Control – an easily adjustable multifunction regulator, economizer, and check valve is a pressure regulator. An aluminum pressure building coil is standard. Other types of PBUs, including high-capacity PBU or stainless steel core vaporizers, are optional.
Instrumentation – high-quality pressure gauge and differential pressure contents gauge are standard with optional switches, transmitter, and telemetry unit.
Safety – tanks with dual relief valves switching various options, including additional relief valves and rupture discs. Easily accessible valves and safety relief valve outlets directed away from the operating area.
Pump Options – A thermosiphon tank with a pump connection is available as an option
Cleanliness – all tanks and their components are cleaned and certified for oxygen service.
Outer Finish – high-grade sand-blasting and rust-removing painting with standard durable corrosion-resistant epoxy-polyurethane white paint
Transport – rugged internal supports for safe road, rail, or sea transportation.