Cryogenic ISO Tanks

Cryogenic ISO Tanks

5m3 cryogenic liquid tank load in one 20GP ;
10m3 cryogenic LN2 tank in one 40HQ with customized size
one set 20m3 capacity Cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank load in one 40FR;
one set 30m3 cryogenic lng tank load in one 40FR;
one set 50m3 cryogenic storage vessel load in one 40FR;
50m3 cryogenic LNG /liquid oxygen/ nitrogen/argon tank in bulk vessel

ISO Tanks- UN Portable Tanks

Cryogenic ISO tanks are large transportable cryogenic vessels designed for transporting gases such as Nitrogen (LIN), Oxygen (LOX), Argon (LAR), Carbon Dioxide (LCO2), Nitrous Oxide (LN20), Ethylene and LNGs.
Each tank features double-wall vacuum insulation with multilayered superinsulation technology.
DSW supplies industrial gas(O2, N2, Ar, CO2, LNG, etc.) filling station solutions for our customers from overseas.
With rich resources, state-of-the-art machinery, and experienced workers, we provide a 20m3 Liquid Oxygen or  Nitrogen Storage Tank Container with high quality and competitive prices.

cryogenic ISO tanks, ISO tank
ISO tanks are intermodal containers

What is an ISO tank container?

An ISO tanker, or ISO tank container, is a cylindrical vessel made of stainless steel (usually 316 grade) fixed to a mild steel frame used to transport hazardous liquids, such as liquefied gas, in bulk.
ISO tanks are built to the ISO standards, making them suitable for different modes of transportation.
20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank , 20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tanks

20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank,20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tank

Intermodal Containers Features

1. Unique internal structural design with outstanding thermal insulation performance. Long-distance, loss-free transportation.
2.GB150; ASME; AS1210; EN13530; and other relevant national and oversea standards. A larger volume, a lighter weight, and an easy-to-operate machine.
3. Conform to IMDG, ADR or international requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods suitable for global multimodal transport;
4. LR, DNV, CCS, or any other applicable requirements for inspection and certification.
20M3 Cryogenic Storage Tank , LOX storage tank

Efficient solution for bulk liquid transport

1. Cost-effective: Tanktainers can be easily transported from ships to rails to trucks using standard handling equipment. The handling and storage cost is reduced. Shipping costs can be reduced by 30% compared to an over-the-road tanker.
2. Safety & Security: It enhances safety by ensuring secure containment and shipping hazardous cargo by rail and ship, not on public roads.
3. Keep Temperature: ISO tank containers can maintain a specific temperature for temperature-sensitive cargo.
4. Reliability: The tank containers have a high level of reliability. Most of the tanks are made from stainless steel, which is naturally corrosion-resistant. Containers can handle variations in temperature and pressure.
5. Easy Operation: ISO tanks stack easily, allowing easy handling and storage.
6. Environment friendly: Cryo tank containers are eco-friendly. The container has a long life and a carbon footprint almost 50% lower than a drum shipment of the same size on specific long-haul routes.

20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tank

20M3 Cryogenic ISO Tanks
Cryogenic ISO Tanks are designed to store cryogenic liquefied gases under pressure temporarily. Inner vessels are made of austenitic stainless steel and cold stretched for selected medium / high-pressure models.
These Tanktainer are available in a 20feet and 40 feet and can be used for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, CO2 and N2O.