Liquid Argon Gas Supplier

Liquid Argon Supplier

With advanced air separation units (ASUs), DSW produces both liquid and gas phase argon by fractional distillation.
DSW supplies argon gas in various purity and concentrations at competitive prices.
Refillable High Purity 99.999%
Used as a blanketing or shielding gas in metallurgy and arc welding and cutting.
Liquid argon and argon gas are available in various delivery or packaging options to address any argon application.
We also offer various choices for container sizes, types, and purity grades, including bulk argon delivery.

Liquid Argon

Liquid Argon is tasteless, colourless, odorless, noncorrosive, nonflammable, and extremely cold, and it is produced in large quantities at air separation plants for various applications.
Most commonly used in the metal industry for metal production, processing, and fabrication, it can be used as a pure gas for specific shielding, blanketing, annealing, and hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) applications.
DSW offers compressed Argon gas in high-pressure bottles, cylinders and liquid argon in dewars in various sizes.


Argon Gas(Ar) > 99.999%
Liquid Argon ( LAR) > 99.999%
Argon with a mixture
Main Gas Balance gas Valve
Ar Helium: 1ppm-50% CGA 580
Ar Hydrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 350
Ar Nitrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 580
Argon bottle or Argon cylinder Sizes:
Size 40L-150 Bar 50L-150 Bar 50L-200 Bar
Volume 6M3 7.5M3 10M3
Outside Diameter 219MM 232MM 232MM
Height 1333MM 1420MM 1420MM
Weight 47.8KG 52KG 52KG
Working pressure 150BAR 150BAR 200BAR
Test pressure 250BAR 250BAR 300BAR
Material 37Mn 37Mn 34CrMo4
Wall thickness 5.7MM 5.7MM 5.7MM
Standard ISO9809-3 ISO9809-3 ISO9809-1

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Welding: Argon serves as an inert shielding gas in welding processes.
The metal fabrication industry uses Argon primarily to shield metals against oxidation when welding.
This is due to its non-toxic properties, nonflammability, and non-reactivity under extreme temperatures.

Argon welding gas is an inert shield gas to enhance arc stability and gas metal arc welding characteristics.
It is also the primary gas for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process in Metal fabrication manufacturing.

Industrial Applications: It is used in various high-temperature industrial processes.
Radioisotope Dating:
Argon is employed in argon-argon dating, a method used to determine the age of ancient substances. Scientists can estimate the age of rocks and minerals by analysing the decay of radioactive isotopes.
Lighting: Argon is used in neon signs to produce a characteristic glow.
In semiconductor manufacturing, Argon is a protective layer for culturing silicon and germanium crystals…etc.
Metal production: Argon can synthesize metals as it assists in reducing oxidation and replaces unwanted gases like carbon monoxide.

Food and Beverage:
As argon is an inert gas, it is used in the food and beverage industry to displace oxygen in wine barrels and prevent oxidation.
It is also one of the gases that can be considered for controlled atmosphere stunning in the poultry and swine industries.

Condensation and Refrigeration: Argon can be liquefied and used in refrigeration systems where very low temperatures are required for specific processes.

Scientific Research: Liquid argon is employed in various scientific studies and experiments, such as studying the behaviour of materials at extremely low temperatures or investigating the properties of matter under unique conditions.

Argon gas has extensive uses in the healthcare industry.
For example, argon lasers are used in diabetic retinal phototherapy and retinal detachment. They are also used to close arteries and remove tumours.

Scuba diving: Argon is used in dry suits worn by scuba divers, as it provides better insulation than regular oxygen.

argon liquid gas supplier

Liquid Argon Gas Supplier

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Supply Modes-liquid argon suppliers

Compressed Gas Cylinder
DSW provides a selection of pure Argon and argon mixtures packaged in various cylinder sizes to guarantee purity and consistency.
High-pressure and cryogenic tanks/ Liquid Dewars
DSW consistently meets client demand with compressed argon gas and liquid argon cylinders.
MicroBulk Services offers gas supply solutions for customers who have outgrown their cylinders. This saves time and space. DSW MicroBulk Services helps customers reduce gas use and waste to save money.