DSW industry offers a comprehensive selection of specialty gases, encompassing ten distinct series with over 100 varieties. These gases include electronic gases, high-purity gases, mixed gases, electric lighting gases, ultra-pure gases, laser gases, medical gases, and calibration gases.

Specifically, the gases provided are as follows:

Oxygen (O2): Primarily used in medical applications and welding processes.
Nitrogen (N2): Employed for fire suppression and creating inert atmospheres.
Helium (He): Utilized for applications such as filling balloons and medical equipment.
Argon (Ar): Used in welding operations to establish an inert environment for materials.
Carbon dioxide (CO2): Employed in creating carbonated soft drinks.
Acetylene (C2H2): Utilized in welding processes.
Propane (C3H8):  Serves as a fuel source for heating and gas grills.
These gases, along with the other specialty gas varieties offered by DSW industry, cater to diverse industries and applications, ensuring the availability of suitable gases for specific needs.

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