TPED/DOT/GB Aluminium Cylinders

Aluminium Industrial Cylinders

DSW’s Aluminum Cylinders are used to store gas in a variety of applications.
This includes ultra-high pure gases for electronic manufacturing, specialty gases and calibration gases, as well as industrial gases.
Medical Oxygen cylinder/Scuba Diving Tank
TPED 1L Refillable gas CO2 Aluminum Cylinder with on/off valve for aquarium
aluminium cylinder is refilled with carbon dioxide at a pressure of 1,800 PSI and tested at 3,000PSI.
Each cylinder is 100% hydraulic tested and manufactured in accordance with TPED ISO7866 standard to assure the quality.

Aluminium Cylinders with TPED, DOT

Aluminium cylinders are a type of compressed gas cylinder that is made of aluminium and are significantly lighter than steel cylinders, making them portable and easy to handle in emergencies.
They are used to store gases for various applications, including ultra-high purity gases for electronics manufacturing, speciality and calibration gas, industrial gas, medical oxygen, food and beverage grade CO2, SCUBA, fire & rescue, alternative fuel, and aerospace.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in China
All Specialty, Calibration and Industrial Gas cylinders are Fabricated using premium-grade raw materials.
Conducting comprehensive on-site DOT inspections encompassing dimensional, visual, hydrostatic, tensile, and burst testing.
The internal surface of the aluminium cylinder goes through a unique process during manufacturing.
Implementing serialization to ensure meticulous traceability of cylinder production batches, test reports, and raw materials.
Personalized customer support – technical inquiries, new product development, logistics
Customizable colours, labels and graphics

TPED/DOT/GB Aluminium Cylinders


Aluminium cylinders are lightweight,  corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic, making them highly suitable for standard and speciality gas applications.

  1. Lightweight: Aluminum cylinders are lighter than steel cylinders, making them easier to handle, transport, and manoeuvre, especially in portable applications like medical oxygen tanks and outdoor gas cylinders.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum cylinders have exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for applications exposed to harsh environments or corrosive substances. This resistance extends the cylinder’s lifespan and guarantees the integrity of stored gases.
  3. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminum cylinders possess a high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing them to withstand high internal pressures while maintaining safety despite being lightweight. This makes them well-suited for pressure containment applications like industrial gas storage and aerospace systems.
  4. Non-Magnetic: Aluminum’s non-magnetic properties are advantageous in environments where magnetic interference must be minimized, such as medical settings. Aluminum cylinders are preferred in these situations as they do not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment or magnetic fields.
  5. Thermal Conductivity: Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat transfer. This property is beneficial in applications where heat dissipation or temperature control is important, such as in certain industrial processes or cryogenic storage.
  6. Recyclability: Aluminum is a highly recyclable material. At the end of their service life, aluminum cylinders can be recycled and used to produce new aluminum products, contributing to resource conservation and environmental sustainability.

Another advantage is that aluminium conducts heat much faster than other alloys. Aluminium alloys also offer excellent corrosion resistance for both the metal canisters themselves as well as the metal valves and other components used with the cylinders.

TPED/DOT/GB Aluminium Cylinders

TPED/DOT/GB Aluminium Cylinders

Aluminum cylinders Sizes

NO. Diameter(mm) Working Pressure Testing Pressure Water Capacity (L) Standards
1 60 15MPa 22.5MPa 0.2~0.6 GB/T 11640
2 60 30MPa 45MPa 0.2~0.5 GB/T 11640
3 81.5 15MPa 22.5MPa 0.7~1.5 GB/T 11640
4 111.3 20MPa 30MPa 1.1~4.0 GB/T 11640
5 140 15MPa 22.5MPa 3.0~9.0 GB/T 11640
6 140 20MPa 30MPa 3.0~9.0 GB/T 11640
7 184 20MPa 30MPa 6.0~15.0 GB/T 11640
8 203 15MPa 22.5MPa 8.0~20.0 GB/T 11640

TPED/DOT/GB Aluminum Gas Cylinders

TPED/DOT/GB Aluminum Gas Cylinders


Aluminium Industrial Cylinders
Aluminum cylinders find application in various industries and sectors due to their advantageous properties. Some typical applications of aluminum cylinders include:

  • Medical and Healthcare: Aluminum cylinders are widely used for storing and transporting medical gases, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air. They are utilized in hospitals, clinics, emergency medical services (EMS), and home healthcare settings.
  • Specialty Gases: Aluminum cylinders are employed for storing and delivering specialty gases used in laboratories, research facilities, and industrial processes. These gases can include calibration gases, welding gases, semiconductor gases, and other high-purity gases.
  • Firefighting and Rescue: Aluminum cylinders are utilized in firefighting and rescue operations to store compressed air or other gases for breathing apparatus, such as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) used by firefighters.
  • Scuba Diving: Aluminum cylinders are used by scuba divers for underwater breathing. They provide a lightweight, portable solution for storing compressed air or other breathing gases for recreational and professional diving.
  • Beverage Dispensing: Aluminum cylinders are utilized for storing and dispensing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the beverage industry. They are commonly used in bars, restaurants, breweries, and other beverage production facilities for carbonating beverages, dispensing beer, or operating soda fountain machines.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: Aluminum cylinders are employed in various aerospace and aviation applications, including aircraft emergency oxygen systems, cabin pressurization, and pneumatic systems.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Aluminum cylinders are used in different industrial and manufacturing processes that require the storage and transportation of compressed gases. They find applications in industries such as welding, metal fabrication, oil and gas, chemical processing, and automotive manufacturing.
  • Portable Gas Applications: Aluminum cylinders are chosen for portable gas applications that require lightweight and easily transportable gas storage, such as camping stoves, portable heaters, torches, and other outdoor equipment.

It’s important to note that the specific applications of aluminum cylinders may vary depending on the industry requirements, regulations, and safety standards. The lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum cylinders make them suitable for various gas storage and transportation applications.