Aluminum CO2 Cylinders

Aluminum Beverage co2 Cylinders

Beverage co2 cylinder, Co2 Beveage Cylinder.
Aluminium Cylinder for Beverages, CO2, Soft Drink.
Aluminum CO2 tanks are designed for the beverage
to be lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
Each cylinder is 100% hydraulically tested.
It is manufactured per TPED ISO7866 standards to assure quality.

Aluminum Beverage co2 Cylinders

Beverage-grade CO2 will almost always contain at least 99.90% pure molecules;
Any additional particles such as water, oxygen or hydrocarbons (benzene, acetaldehyde or similar molecules) could make up the remaining 0.10% (1,000 parts per million).
DSW is one of the leading companies to manufacture cold-extruded aluminium CO2 cylinders for beverage service.
Clean, corrosion-resistant, lightweight cylinders are ideal for commercial dispensing beers, lagers, ciders, stouts, and carbonated soft drinks.
Also, DSW meets supply needs in welding, shielding, and cutting gas with compressed CO2 gas and CO2 liquid cylinders.

0.6 litre CO2 Bottle

Weight (without valve)0.66kg
Height (without valve)332mm
Inlet threadM18X1.5
Fill CO2 gasPurity of more than 99.9% food grade Co2,standard:360G

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CO2 Applications
We meet the demand for CO2 in various industries, from beverage and paintball to farming and medicine.

Aluminum Beverage co2 Cylinders

Beverage Cylinder | Co2 Cylinder for Soda Maker Machine
Aluminum Beverage co2 Cylinders
Aluminum Beverage co2 Cylinders
Aluminium CO2 Cylinders can be refilled with rare, high-purity, calibration, and special gases.
It is used to be filled and refilled with various kinds of gases, such as rare gases, high purity gases,
standard gases, and special gases, with a wide range of applications in chemical and electronic,
medical treatment, gas, and coal mining fields, which is the ideal substitute for the steel cylinder.

FEATURES of Beverage CO2 Tanks

Seamless, Light Weight Cylinder (40% Lighter than steel cylinder).
Easy to handle and transport.
Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior wall surface.
No special maintenance is required; only requalification is required every five years.

Supply Options for CO2

DSW can assist in selecting the most cost-effective supply option for your application and geographic area. Industrial gases typically come in gaseous or liquid form from various supply systems.

Co2 Cylinders & Portable Bottles
Cylinders have long been the go-to solution for low-volume gas supply. We offer various sizes, pressures, and purities for multiple gases and mixtures.
Microbulk Solutions
Microbulk tanks provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for larger businesses and are available in various sizes to meet your gas supply needs.
By eliminating the need to handle cylinders or take stock and order, these micro bulk tanks make your gas supply system more superficial than ever!
Bulk Supply
On-site deliveries by truck of cryogenic liquid storage tanks or high-pressure tubes to meet your desired volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern requirements.