AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Diving Oxygen Cylinder

DSW AL80 Aluminum SCUBA Cylinder with Valve in Black is rated 3000 psi and comes with a valve.
Scuba Diving Tank or aluminum alloy tank is refilled with carbon dioxide at a pressure of 1,800 PSI and tested at 3,000PSI.
Each cylinder is 100% hydraulic tested and manufactured in accordance with TPED ISO7866 standard to assure the quality.

Aluminum Scuba Tanks

As a critical aluminum cylinder supplier, DSW has offered high-quality Aluminum SCUBA cylinders and SCUBA Tanks since 2003.
Aluminum dive tanks are typically constructed through “backward extrusion.”
This process entails driving a metal rod into an aluminum alloy lump in a cylindrical mold and driving forward until a cylindrical shape emerges from the mold.
Aluminium is a softer material requiring thicker walls to contain pressurized gas.

AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Diving Oxygen Tanks

Aluminum Gas CylinderCarbon Fiber Gas Cylinder
Manufacture Standard:ISO7866, GB11640, EN1975, DOT3ALManufacture Standard: High-strength aluminum 6061
Material: High-strength aluminum 6061Material: Aluminum liner with carbon fiber and glass fiber coated
Water Volume: from 0.35L to 50LWater Volume: from 0.22L to 200L
Surface and color: as per requirementSurface: glossy surface (matt or glossy black for small type)
Thread: upon requirementThread: M18*1.5 as per requirement
OEM/ODM: acceptableOEM/ODM: acceptable

AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

What Is a Scuba diving cylinder?

Diving cylinders or diving gas cylinders are containers used for transporting high-pressure gas used for diving operations, such as breathing gas for use with scuba sets;
in this instance, the container may also be known as a “scuba cylinder,” “scuba tank,” or diving tank.
AL80 scuba diving tank , Aluminum Scuba Tanks

Pressure-Scuba Diving Tank

The most common service pressures in modern SCUBA tanks are 2640 psi, 3000 psi, 3300 psi, 3442 psi, and 3500 psi.
The 2640 psi low-pressure steel tanks are preferred by Nitrox and technical divers who expect to blend their gases using the partial-pressure method.
Most aluminum SCUBA tanks are rated for 3000 psi.

Aluminum Scuba Tanks
When choosing between steel and aluminum scuba tanks, it’s crucial to consider dry weight and size, as these can affect your buoyancy and overall comfort.
In scuba diving, dry weight refers to how much a tank weighs on land—and you’re going to want to consider if you plan on lugging your tank around when you’re not in water.
Steel is more robust and more durable than aluminum, which is why tanks made with the latter usually have thicker walls to compensate for the reduced tensile strength.