C3H8 Propane Gas Cylinders

C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders

Propane Gas Cylinders-15kg C3H8 LPG welding gas bottle in150bar.
Propane Gas cylinder 50kg 118L High Purity 95% 99.9% LPG gas bottle.
Propane gas cylinder 30kg Industrial liquefied C3H8 gas bottle

C3H8 Propane Tanks

Propane cylinders are small portable containers designed to store propane fuel for short-term use.
Constructed typically of steel or aluminum and easily transportable, propane cylinders are an ideal way to provide instantaneous outdoor energy when engaging in recreational or outdoor activities.

propane gas cylinder sizes

Water Capacity(L) Medium Filling Weight (kg) Height (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Empty Cylinder Weight(kg) Wall Thickness (mm) Working Pressure(Mpa)
40 Propane (C3H8) 15 1050 250 ≈22.5 3 2.2
72 Propane (C3H8) 30 1235 300 ≈32.45 3 2.2
118 Propane (C3H8) 50 1180 400 ≈64.75 4 2.2

C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders

Common Uses for Propane

-Domestic and industrial fuel
Propane replaces wood and other traditional fuel sources in such places, where it is now sometimes called “cooking gas.”

Propane also provides off-the-grid refrigeration, usually using a gas-absorption refrigerator.

-In motor vehicles
Such substitution is widely prohibited or discouraged in motor vehicle air conditioning systems.

-Motor fuel
The advantage of car propane is its liquid state at a moderate pressure. Propane to reduce air pollution.

-Improvised Explosive Device

C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders

What is Propane?

Propane is also referred to as producer, often shortened to “LP gas” or “LPG.”
Propane is used as a feedstock for the production of base petrochemicals in steam cracking.
Propane is the primary fuel for hot air balloons.
It is used in semiconductor manufacture to deposit silicon carbide.
Propane is commonly used in theme parks and the movie industry as a fuel, high-energy fuel for explosions, and other gas expansion is used as a fuel for Paintball and Airsoft guns, relying on the expansion of the gas to fire the projectile. It does not ignite the gas.
Using a liquid gives more shots per cylinder than a compressed gas.
Propane is used as a propellant for household air freshener sprays.
C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders
C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders
C3H8 gas bottle Propane Gas Cylinders

DSW’s seamless steel gas cylinders are manufactured with the world’s most advanced technology, machinery, and equipment.
Our steel propane bottles are mainly produced in conformity with Standard ISO9809-1/3, EN1964-1/3, DOT-3AA, and UN ISO9809-1. The primary raw material is a high-quality steel alloy, such as the 37Mn,30CrMo,34CrMo4.