QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

Cylinder Valve, Oxygen Tank Valve

The cylinder valve helps regulate the pressure within the cylinder.
It ensures that the pressure remains within safe limits and prevents over-pressurization or under-pressurization.
The QF-2C Industrial Cylinder Valve is a specific type of cylinder valve designed for use with industrial oxygen gas cylinders.
High-quality brass, High precision size
DSW specializes in manufacturing the QF-2C Oxygen Gas Cylinder Valve, a professional-grade valve for industrial oxygen gas cylinders produced in China.

Oxygen Cylinder Valves

Oxygen cylinder valves are specialized valves specifically designed for use with oxygen cylinders.
These valves control the flow of oxygen from the cylinder and ensure safe and efficient operation.

DSW is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of gas-handling equipment worldwide, including oxygen valves and cylinder valves.
We provide various valve solutions for the medical, industrial, and specialty gas industries, including valves designed explicitly for oxygen cylinders.

Qf-2C oxygen gas cylinder valve,QF2C oxygen cylinder valves


  • Flow Control: Oxygen tank valves regulate the rate at which oxygen is released from the cylinder. They typically have a hand-operated valve wheel or lever that allows users to open or close the valve to control the flow of oxygen.
  • Pressure Regulation: The oxygen valves also help regulate the pressure of the oxygen within the cylinder. It ensures that the pressure remains within safe limits to prevent over-pressurization or under-pressurization.
  • Safety Features: The cylinder valves often incorporate safety features to ensure safe operation. This may include pressure relief valves that release excess pressure, burst discs that rupture at a specific pressure, or tamper-resistant features to prevent unauthorized access or accidental opening.
  • Compatibility: Cylinder valves are designed to be compatible with oxygen, argon, and nitrogen. They are typically made of materials that are compatible with different gases and minimize the risk of ignition or combustion.
  • Thread Type: Oxygen valves often have specific thread types to ensure a secure and standardized connection between the valve and the cylinder. Common thread types include CGA (Compressed Gas Association) threads.
  • Labelling and Markings: Oxygen tank valves are usually labeled or marked with specific information, such as the type of gas (oxygen), maximum pressure ratings, and manufacturing details. These markings help identify the valve and ensure proper handling and usage.

Qf-2C gas cylinder valve,QF2C oxygen cylinder valves

QF2C oxygen cylinder valves
QF2C oxygen cylinder valves
QF2C oxygen cylinder valves
cylinder valve
cylinder valve
Our cylinder valves are precision-made with high-quality materials and components meeting tight Compressed Gas Association (CGA) specifications.
With a vast selection of valve types and sizes at low prices, DSW is your go-to source for compressed gas cylinder valves.