450L Cryogenic Liquid Container

DSW cryogenic liquid container

450L  Liquid Nitrogen Container
Nitrogen Cryogenic Liquid Container
DSW supplies Liquid Nitrogen Container to safely contain liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide.
These gases are stored at extremely low temperatures and in a liquid state.

Cryogenic Liquid Container

Cryogenic liquid containers, or cryogenic dewars, are specialized containers that store and transport extremely low-temperature liquids, such as liquefied gases.
DSW is a global provider of a wide range of cryogenic equipment, including cryogenic liquid containers.
We supply cryogenic containers, such as liquid nitrogen containers and bulk storage tanks, to support liquid gas storage, transport, and distribution.

 cryogenic liquid container

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container, dewar cylinder

Features &  Characteristics

Vacuum Insulation: Containers for cryogenic liquids are usually constructed using a double-wall design. They have an inner vessel and an outer jacket. The vacuum created by the space between the outer and inner walls provides excellent insulation that minimizes heat transfer while maintaining the low temperature of stored liquefied gas.
Low-Temperature: The cryogenic containers can safely handle and store liquids with temperatures as low as -269degC (452degF). Materials such as stainless steel and aluminium alloys are used to construct these containers because they can withstand low temperatures without losing structural integrity.
Pressure Relief: For safe operation, cryogenic liquid containers are equipped with valves or pressure relief devices. The devices regulate the pressure inside the container, preventing it from building up excessively. This protects the container from a possible rupture.

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder
The cryogenic containers typically found in liquid containers are liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid helium (LHE).
Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are also available as refrigerated liquids in similar containers.