Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

A liquid nitrogen dewar is a specialized dewar container designed to store or transport liquid nitrogen with boiling points much lower than room temperature.
DSW supplies cryo dewars and Liquid Nitrogen Dewars for safely transporting liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide.
The nitrogen is stored at extremely low temperatures and in a liquid state.
Fabricated of all stainless steel
High-vacuum insulation technology
Ultrasonic detection and strict inspection.
Wide range of depths.
Support model customization

ln2 storage dewar

DSW provides high-quality cryogenic tanks, dewars, cryogenic vessels, and liquid nitrogen containers for research, medical, biotechnology, instrumentation, superconductivity semiconductors, home care, and food service industries.

What is Nitrogen Dewar?

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar is designed to store small quantities of liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen is classified as a cryogen, meaning its boiling point is shallow and must be carefully handled.
The high-strength aluminum shell is both durable and lightweight. Super insulation provides advanced thermal protection.

The cryogenic liquid generally found in liquid nitrogen dewar is liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid helium (LHE).
Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are also available as refrigerated liquids in similar containers.


Boiling Point: Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of approximately 196°C (321 °F; 77 K).
Purpose: They store cryogens such as liquid nitrogen or liquid helium.
Design: LN2 storage dewars have walls constructed from multiple layers, with a high vacuum between them. This design provides excellent thermal insulation to reduce the contents’ boiling rate.
Safety: LN2 Dewars are designed to manage the gas released safely as the liquid slowly boils. Safety valves allow excess vapour pressure to vent away.
Variety: Cryogenic storage dewars come in various forms, including open buckets, flasks with loose-fitting stoppers, and self-pressurizing tanks.

Applications: They are commonly used in low-temperature physics, chemistry, and other scientific fields.
Storage and Handling: Dewars are designed to keep liquid nitrogen at this low temperature.
They can maintain a constant temperature of 77 K (equivalent to −196°C) by allowing the liquid to boil slowly.
Depending on their size and design, vacuum flasks (dewars) can hold liquid nitrogen for varying durations.

cryo nitrogen dewar sizes

Model DPL450-175-1.37 DPL450-175-2.3 DPL450-195-1.37 DPL450-195-2.3 DPL450-210-1.37 DPL450-210-2.3 DPL450-210-2.88
Geometric volume(L) 175 175 195 195 210 210 210
Effective Volume(L) 163 163 181 181 195 195 195
Size( diameter*height)(mm) 508*1498 508*1498 508*1624 508*1624 508*1718 508*1718 508*1718
Working pressure( Mpa) 1.37 2.3 1.37 2.3 1.37 2.3 2.88
Set pressure of main safety valve( Mpa) 1.59 2.41 1.59 2.41 1.59 2.41 3.1
Set pressure of bursting discs/Set pressure of assistant safety valve( Mpa) 2.5/2.41 3.84 2.5/2.41 3.84 2.5/2.41 3.84 4.9
Evaporation rate( Liquid nitrogen) 2.1% 2.1% 2.1% 2.1% 2.1% 2.1% 2.1%
Empty weight( kg) 115 138 121 145 128 153 173
Maximum filling weight(kg) LO2(KG) 186 186 207 207 223 223 223
LN2(KG) 131 131 146 146 157 157 157
LAR(KG) 227 227 253 253 272 272 272
LNG(KG) 69 ~ 77 ~ 82 ~ ~
LCO2(KG) ~ 188 ~ 209 ~ 225 225
Level gauge float type float type float type float type float type float type float type
Surface treatment Polishing Polishing Polishing Polishing Polishing Polishing Polishing
The base style Rubber base Rubber base Rubber base Rubber base Rubber base Rubber base Rubber base

450L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, dewar cylinder

Dewar Vessels

Dewar vessels are unique vacuum flasks explicitly designed for transporting and storing liquid nitrogen, argon, and oxygen. Dewars are commonly referred to as cryogenic Dewar flasks or liquid nitrogen flasks.

450L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, dewar cylinder

What Is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen (N2) is a versatile gas used across numerous applications and industries. We’re always ready to supply it as new applications arise – offering multiple purities and delivery modes for maximum flexibility.
450L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, dewar cylinder

How are cryogenic dewar flasks/containers used?

Cryogenic dewars store, dispense or transport cryogenic gases like liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid helium, and liquid hydrogen.
A researcher might use a dewar to dispense liquid nitrogen or helium for an experiment.
There are dewars made specifically for studying superconductivity.
Dewar containers store embryos for fertility treatments.
Truck-mounted dewars with specialized hoses deliver oxygen for in-home use.
Portable dewars with casters and handles dispense cryogenic liquids across a factory or lab.


welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder

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