industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

industrial N2O GAS

Nitrous Oxide Tanks
20000L cylinder 99.9%-99.999% industrial laughing gas
Food grade Nitrous Oxide is produced by Ammonium Nitrate
Common purity: 99.9%
Electronic purity: 99.999%

industrial nitrous oxide

DSW supplies liquid and gaseous forms of nitrous oxide and offers multiple packaging solutions, giving customers plenty of choices in container size, type, purity grade, and more.
We help meet any nitrous oxide application by offering multiple container sizes, styles, and purity grades to meet any need.
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 Purity N2O- Cylinders, Portables, and Lecture Bottles

N2O for laboratories up to 99.999% pure. Cylinders | Portables | Lecture Bottles
N2O for electronics and semiconductors is up to 99.999% pure. Cylinders
USP N2O for medical and healthcare. Medical
Nitrous oxide for industrial use. Cylinders
Two-component gas mixtures (nitrous oxide in balance gas). Cylinders | Portables

industrial nitrous oxide suppliers
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N2O Applications

Nitrous oxide may be used as an aerosol propellant in various fields:
– for whipped cream (because it improves the foaming characteristics of the cream), syrups, concentrates of coffee, chocolate, various flavors, sauces for grilled meats, vinaigrette, etc.
– pharmaceutical field
– cosmetics (perfumes, eau de cologne, hair spray, etc.)
– household products, paints, varnishes, insecticides
– aerosols for low temperatures, such as de-icers, engine starting boosters, etc.

Gas Supply Options

DSW gas supply options meet every imaginable demand for gas delivery, storage, and supply – from constructing on-site plants to providing even the most miniature portable bottle with gas.
Requirements for gas delivery and storage may differ based on the gas’s consumption rate, purity, application, and suitability.

Onsite Production
DSW gas supply options can be tailored to individual customer requirements, with on-site supply being an option that puts production plants directly at or nearby the customer site.
Even the highest demand rates can be fulfilled with an on-site production facility designed and managed to suit customer requirements.

Liquid Phase Cylinders and Dewars
Liquid Tanks and Dewars are often used interchangeably; the only distinguishing feature is that liquid cylinders tend to be larger than Dewars for dispensing either gas-phase or liquid-phase products.