99.999% industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

industrial nitrous oxide suppliers

Medical Nitrous Oxide N2O Gas Tanks
20000L cylinder 99.9%-99.999% industrial laughing gas
medical grade nitrous oxide
Food grade Nitrous Oxide is produced by Ammonium Nitrate
Common purity : 99.9%
Electronic purity : 99.999%

industrial nitrous oxide

laughing gas

industrial nitrous oxide suppliers
gas cylinder certificates

Nitrous oxide may be used as an aerosol propellant in various fields:

– for whipped cream (because it improves the foaming characteristics of the cream), syrups, concentrates of coffee, chocolate and various flavors, sauces for grilled meats, vinaigrette, etc.
– pharmaceutical field
– cosmetics (perfumes, eau de cologne, hair spray, etc.)
– household products, paints and varnishes, insecticides
– aerosols for use at low temperature, such as de-icers, engine starting boosters, etc.