Acetylene Cylinders

40L acetylene bottles,40liter acetylene tanks

Need a reliable source of fuel for your welding and cutting projects?
Look no further than DSW’s 40L acetylene cylinders. These compact yet powerful cylinders offer a versatile solution for various industrial applications.
DSW maintains strong relationships with manufacturers, guaranteeing consistent availability of acetylene cylinders.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality seamless steel, these cylinders ensure safe and reliable performance.
Consistent Quality: DSW’s strict manufacturing standards guarantee consistent wall thickness, height, and smooth painting for a professional look.
Portable Design: The 40L capacity offers a good balance between power and portability, making it ideal for field use or smaller workshops.
Acetylene cuts & welds metals, brazes pipes, and fuels lab equipment. Perfect for your welding & cutting needs!

Acetylene Cylinder, Tanks, Bottles -supplied by DSW

DSW has rich experience in developing and sourcing by on-time service in the specification and quantities you require., and its capability of processing various gas cylinders.

What is an acetylene tank?
An acetylene gas cylinder is a tank that stores and transports acetylene gas.
Acetylene gas is highly flammable and is used for welding, cutting, and brazing applications.
These cylinders have safety features such as special valves and blow-off caps that help contain any pressure build-up due to higher temperatures or misuse.
They are also often fitted with regulators that allow for adjustable flow rates.

Why Choose DSW for Your Acetylene Cylinders?

  • Wide Range of Cylinders: We offer a comprehensive selection of acetylene cylinders in various sizes and capacities to meet your specific project requirements.
  • Unwavering Quality: All our cylinders are manufactured according to ISO 3807:2013 standards and undergo rigorous inspections to ensure optimal safety and performance.
  • Global Certifications: DSW prioritizes safety. Our cylinders comply with certifications from internationally recognized bodies like DOT (USA), TC (Canada), TUV (Germany), and KGS (Korea).
  • Reliable Supply: We maintain strong relationships with leading manufacturers, ensuring a consistent and dependable supply of acetylene cylinders to meet your project deadlines.
  • Technical Expertise: Our team of gas specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of acetylene and its applications. We can assist you in selecting the right cylinder size and pressure for your specific needs.

40Liter Acetylene Tanks

Model Number: ISO250-40-3
Water capacity:40L
Valve: QF-15A14
Cylinder Standard: ISO3807:2013
The thickness of seamless:4.0mm
weight of seamless: 39kg
working pressure:3MPa
test pressure: 5.2MPa

40L Acetylene Cylinder

The Power of Acetylene Gas:

Acetylene (C2H2) is a versatile industrial gas known for its exceptionally high flame temperature, making it ideal for various applications:

  • Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting: Acetylene’s intense heat allows for efficient welding and cutting of diverse metals, perfect for fabrication and construction projects.
  • Brazing: The controlled heat of acetylene is valuable for joining dissimilar metals or creating strong connections in plumbing and HVAC systems.
  • Chemical Production: Acetylene serves as a crucial raw material in the synthesis of numerous organic chemicals and plastics.
  • Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) in Labs: Acetylene gas mixtures are used as fuel sources in FAA, a technique for analyzing metal concentrations in various materials.

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder

40Liter Acetylene Cylinder

40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder

40Liter Acetylene Gas Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder
DSW enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in quality and performance, which helps us sell acetylene gas bottles and Cryogenic Tanks worldwide.
40Liter Acetylene Cylinder,40L Acetylene Gas Cylinder

Industrial Applications

Fleet Services (Automotive)
Acetylene is integral in low-pressure carburizing processes that create complex, wear-resistant surface layers on steel parts.
Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication
Acetylene fuel gas boasts the hottest flame temperature of commercially available fuel gases, making it ideal for oxyfuel welding, cutting, and brazing applications.
Air/acetylene and nitrous-oxide/acetylene are the gas mixtures used as a fuel source in Flame Atomic Absorption.

Acetylene Supply Modes

High-pressure & Liquid Cylinders
DSW try to meet supply needs in welding, shielding and cutting gas with compressed acetylene gas and acetylene liquid cylinders worldwide.

Let DSW Be Your Acetylene Partner
At DSW, we understand the critical role acetylene plays in your industrial operations.
We are committed to providing you with top-quality cylinders, reliable supply, and expert support to ensure your success.